As the world’s first ‘pay as you go’ real time, electronic consulting platform, you, as a registered TeleConsult Doctor, can choose when you wish to talk to patients registered with TeleConsult.

TeleConsult works with any web browser on any platform. iOS and Android smartphones can also download the TeleConsult apps from their respective stores for free. Both doctors and patients require a connection to the internet in addition to a valid phone number to initiate a consultation. A normal landline can be used to conduct a TeleConsult as long as the phone number is registered on the user’s profile and the TeleConsult is initiated from the website or the apps.

You will first need to register on this website with all the required details. Please follow the simple sign-up instructions. Keep your login and password secure as these are your credentials required to use TeleConsult.
Your email address and mobile phone numbers must be validated.
All calls are timed and fees are applied automatically on completion.
Patients receive an email receipt and doctors receive monthly payments to their nominated bank account, with a valid BSB and account number.
An audio playback of the consultation is always accessible to both patients and doctors.
At the end of the consultation, doctors can dictate any notes or letters that are then emailed to them immediately as digital audio files.
Doctors and patients can exchange documents before and after the TeleConsult through an included two-way document sharing facility.

The patient’s TeleConsult home-screen (Dashboard) has a prominent search box. Patients can enter their search requirements and then select their doctors. Patients can add doctors to their “Favourites” list. Details that you entered in your profile are searchable.

We suggest Doctors refer their patients who would benefit from this service to register with TeleConsult.

Yes, you have complete control on when you take an enquiry from a patient.

If you decline a “Talk Now” request, it will be automatically converted to a “Call Me Back”.

On your profile page, you can set the times you wish to appear as “Available” for calls with your patients.

Alternatively, you can add text at the top of your profile that indicates your prefered times to conduct TeleConsults.

Yes, Patients are not able to see your mobile number, email address or location.

You can set your own fees and change them at any time you want by accessing your profile.
Choose either the fee you wish to receive for conducting a TeleConsult or the fee you wish the patient to be charged.
Your fee includes two components: a minimum fee and a per minute fee. The minimum includes the equivalent number of minutes calculated from your per minute fee. There is a default minimum charge per consultation of $15.00.
For example if the minimum fee is $15 and the per minute fee is $3 and the conversation lasts 15 minutes, the fee is $45 corresponding to $15 for the first 5 minutes and $3 * 10 minutes = $30 for the additional 10 minutes.
The fee includes the TeleConsult charges that will be deducted from your payments.

Yes, at the conclusion of a consultation, you have the option to waive your portion of fee for that consultation. Notwithstanding this, the patient will be charged the TeleConsult cost.

TeleConsult payment cycles are made to doctors monthly to their nominated bank accounts.

Using either website or the app, follow the simple registration instructions.
Enter the required details including valid credit card details.

Please note that TeleConsult’s payment system is not compatible with prepaid and bank cash cards. All regular debit and credit cards are accepted.
Your email address and mobile number will be validated by email and SMS. Keep your login and password secure as these are your credentials to use with the mobile apps and the website.

Once registered, you can Sign In at any time to search for a doctor by name or area of expertise by entering your search criteria into the designated Search Field (eg: ’Doctor - Lungs’). Select your Doctor - you can read the profile as well as availability and charges. When you wish to have a consultation you can request “Talk Now’ or ‘Call Me Back’. If the doctor is not available for a ‘Talk Now’ this will be converted into a ‘call me back’. A “Call Me Back” enables the Doctor to call you when he is available.

Upon requesting a TeleConsult, a message is sent to the Doctor, who is able to take your call or defer and reschedule the consultation according to the doctor’s availability. Your telephone will then ring and you will be asked if you wish to proceed with the consultation before being connected.

There is no charge to become a registered TeleConsult patient.

Yes you can if your Doctor is registered with TeleConsult. If so you are able to request consultations through TeleConsult. If your Doctor is not registered with TeleConsult, you may wish to suggest they register.

Your Profile will keep a list of your previous consultations and you can create your own Personal Favourites List in your Profile for ease of future reference.

Yes, your doctor can do all these things should they feel it appropriate and not need to see you in person.