About Us

TeleConsult is a new cloud-based technology enabling doctors and patients to communicate in a secure, confidential and simple environment when a Face-To-Face appointment is not needed.

TeleConsult allows patients to receive advice from doctors making it simple and easy for anyone to get instant cost and time-effective medical advice over the telephone.

TeleConsult was conceived, designed and created by a medical practitioner following personal experiences on both sides of the health care system -- as a doctor and as a patient. He understood that not all consultations between doctors and patients need to be conducted face-to face.The many benefits of providing and receiving medical advice without the need for a face-to-face meeting were recognised. TeleConsult was designed to enable that communication and to enable patients to talk to their own doctor when available or to request a consultation as soon as possible. TeleConsult’s primary objective is to ensure full confidentiality for both patient and the doctor. Neither doctors nor patients need to reveal their private telephone numbers. TeleConsult provides an alternative to face-to-face consultations when a patient does not need to be seen in person and allows health care providers to make more efficient use of their time and extend the care that they offer. TeleConsult is not intended to replace emergency calls or when a patient needs to be seen face-to-face, it is an additional tool for doctors to provide medical advice.


Our mission is to allow patients to receive the advice they need in a timely fashion without having to travel, book appointments or to wait. TeleConsult enables doctors to better provide their advice to meet the needs of their patients while allowing them to receive fair remuneration for their time and advice.

Company Info

TeleConsult Pty Ltd is a company registered and based in Australia. Its offices are in Sydney, New South Wales. It is privately owned.

TeleConsult holds a patent for its unique, flexible and innovative payment system.